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Estelle Kenyon

The vibrant, colourful and evocative work of Estelle Kenyon is influenced by people in their natural
Her paintings are mostly of women.

Estelle Kenyon graduated with a B.A. Ed Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria in 1987.

She has had numerous exhibitions in South Africa and her works have been collected by institutions and private collectors in South Africa, Africa, Europe and the US.


• Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zaire
• Rand Merchant Bank, South Africa
• French Embassy, South  Africa
• French Embassy, Namibia
• Harvard Business School, Boston,    United States
• Moni's Corporate Collection,    South Africa
• Private Collections, Germany
• Private Collection, Portugal
• Private Collection,    Switzerland
• Private Collection, Colorado,    United States
• Canadian Embassy, Canada
• KWV Cultivaria, South Africa

• Anant Singh, South Africa


Heritage House, Pretoria, December 1992.

Ardvark Gallery, Johannesburg, October 1994.

Sanlam Cultural Centre, Rustenburg, July 1996.

Gallery Plett, Plettenburg Bay, December 1997.

Vincent Art Gallery, Stellenbosch, June 2000.

Art Images, Park Horst, Johannesburg, October 2004.

Cape Gallery, Cape Town, June 2008

K.W.V Cultivara, Paarl, August 2008

Artscape, Hardy Botha & Jan Vermeieren, Cape Town, March 2010

Grand Provence, Franschhoek, December 2011 - January 2012

The Art Business, Beyond the Skin, Piketberg, August 2012


Karen McKerron Gallery, Johannesburg, 1993. Exhibited 12 oils on canvas, average size 1.5 x 1.8.m.

Karen Mckerron Gallery, November 1994. Exhibited 8 oils on canvas, average size 1.2 x 1.7m.

Dorp Street Gallery, Stellenbosch, June 2004.

Permanent Exhibition - Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West 2010

Estelle Kenyon Aouth African Artist Oil Paintings

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African Mona Lisa


Anna II

Lulu on a different day

  Yesterday   Muse

  Unfinished Business   Lulu
Sunshine Lulu

Work in progress

  Lulu in red
Waxed Fields
Size: 1200 x 1600mm

Waxed Grinola
Size: 1200 x 1600mm

Delicious Waxed Wheat
Size: 1100 x 1500mm

Pretty Protea

Tree of Life
Door for Child Welfare


I had a dream, which shed some light on my reasons for painting. I found myself in a room filled with paint buckets. Some were empty, some half full and I was lifting up the lids of the buckets, peering into each one to see if that one had what I was searching for.

A voice spoke from outside my dream and asked me what I was looking for and I replied,
"I am looking for my soul". I paint because I cannot not paint. The subject matter I choose is aspects and objects of life, which I resonate with. There is a desire to return to nature and the tangibility it has to offer. There is for me a reassuring honesty in nature.

Western secular life style has created boundaries between the physical and the spiritual and that influences ones ability to see clearly. We are bombarded through the media, the government, dogma etc. of how we should live, what we should think, what is right and what is wrong so that we are left with no thoughts of our own and the person we started off with has become a clone of society. With painting it is an attempt to connect with that force which fills one with a deeper understanding of what is.

Estelle Kenyon Aouth African Artist Oil Paintings